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Paying at the Pump with a Debit Card

When you pay for fuel at the pump with a debit card, the bank may place a temporary hold on a certain amount of funds. Funds are held until the transaction has been fully processed (up to 48 hours). Banks do this because they do not know if you plan to pump $20 or $50 worth of gas – so they hold reserves funds within the account.

Unfortunately, Jump Start has no control over how much the bank holds or when your bank will release funds. If you find this process to be less than ideal, try selecting the method of “credit” when fueling at the pump—which will not place a hold on unused funds. Or use the "debit" feature inside to prepay for your next fuel purchase.

Choice at the Pump

Our fuel program offers our customers choice at the pump. Whether you are looking for a more economical fuel to save your family money, the right option that brings your vehicle more power, or even one considered better for the environment, Jump Start wants to provide you with the choice you prefer.

Is unleaded fuel containing ethanol safe for small engines?

Unleaded fuel with up to 10% ethanol is the national standard for gasoline and is federally approved for use in small engines.  As with any engine, the proper protocols for maintenance and usage should be followed.

Community Outreach & Sponsorship

Jump Start is a proud supporter of several area organizations, including Wichita State Athletics, The Wichita Thunder, The Force, and several other local sporting teams.

In addition to athletic sponsorship, we are committed to supporting many other local organizations and events. For sponsorship consideration, please click here.

Sponsorship requests are budgeted annually and should be submitted prior to January 15th of each year. Click here for the form.

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